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Im 54 Diagnosed with R.A in 2016. I’m on Roactemra injections weekly sulafalsine hydroxchlorquine sulphate. Naproxen omeprazole. Since having 1 covid jab I now have non alcoholic fatty liver disease which I thought rheumatologist would have seen through my regular blood tests, apparently not. Discoid eczema, kidney problems.

I read that taking naproxen with fatty liver disease is a no go. But doctors don’t seem to be bothered same when covid vaccines where rolled out I was told I had to wait until my age group was in before I could have my jab. I rung them when it was for the vulnerable because I was on immunosuppressants they told me I wasn’t when I have been on them since 2017. So obviously Rhematology sending doctors letters and doctors not reading them and vica versa. My fatty liver when it was discovered through ultrasound the phone call I received from one of the doctors from my surgery said it was my own fault for drinking. Told her I don’t drink then she says I must be obese….. I’m slightly overweight I said what about my meds could that have done it no she said you need to loose weight. now discoid eczema taken months to get sorted told it’s nothing been given so many creams to try that didn’t work until doctor asked for photos soon referred me too dermatologist. Why couldn’t they asked for photos sooner then make we wait in agony for 5 months and now have scarring and purple patches now. Had a appointment for Rhematology for September that got cancelled now got to wait until July 16 months since my last appointment.

I just wanted answers if these problems are connected to my meds and covid jab. Very much doubt I’ll get a answer as vaccines still in testing.


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    Hi @Hype - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've been having many issues with your health, which have occurred after you had your first Covid vaccination. You've had problems getting your doctors to listen to you or get seen appropriately.

    My first thought is that if you are this unhappy with your doctors then you should register at a different surgery, if possible. I know this isn't possible for some people, but if you could it may well help. The not knowing you were on immune-suppressants and the refusing to give you an appointment because you have underlying health issues is not good.

    Some people have had "Covid Arm" when having had their vaccinations - this is a "red, itchy, swollen, or painful rash where you got a COVID-19 shot". This may be a form of allergic reaction. The NHS asks that anyone who gets "a rash that looks like small bruises or bleeding under the skin" 4 days to 4 weeks after getting their Covid vaccination call 111 immediately. Have a look here at the information on Covid Vaccination side effects:

    If you are worried about taking Naproxen with your fatty liver disease then you could always get a second opinion from a pharmacist, or again talk to a different doctor to reassure yourself. I've looked over the information on Naproxen here and it does state that patients with impaired liver function are more at risk of a dose dependent reduction in prostaglandin formation and precipitate renal failure. This is definitely something you should be talking over with your doctor, and if they are not responding to you then I would really move doctors. The relevant patient leaflet is here, mad suggests you should talk to your doctor or a pharmacist if you have problems with your liver or kidneys, so you would be following the stated advice by doing so.

    I can see no information on fatty liver disease being caused by the medications you are on nor the Covid vaccination. I do hope you get a constructive conversation with a health care professional shortly!

    Lovely to meet you,


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    Hi Hype,

    I just needed to reply about you stating that the Covid vaccinations are still in testing. I'm afraid they are not - they have been fully tested in both animal and human tests before they were allowed to be administrated to us. The process was greatly sped up because the testings were allowed to happen in parallel, at the same time. There's a useful link here on the details, with sources and explanations.

    It does sound like you've had a pretty bad time of it, so I do hope you get help and listened to soon.

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