What celebrity would you marry out of the blue?

Shaphron Member Posts: 74

If they asked you without any date or you got to know them or anything? Who would you say yes to?

Out of curiosity...


  • Axe09
    Axe09 Member Posts: 12

    It would have to be Gal Gadot, without a doubt! 😀

  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    None of them, once bitten twice shy, besides too used to being on my own now.

  • Arthuritis
    Arthuritis Member Posts: 279

    Maybe one that sponsors arthritis research into Targeting autoimmune T cells & B cells. The former are the marauding hordes that come out at night to eat our joints & the latter spreads misinformation about which proteins are self & not self.

  • wazz42
    wazz42 Member Posts: 233

    I'm useless on real names of actors but i did have a crush on Tarzan once - Johnny Weissemuller (guessing at spelling here) Does anyone remember him? I hasten to add I was a child at the time - honest!

  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,829
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  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 27,646
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    Hope your husband looks a bit like him @wazz42


    I quite like that bloke off Jonathan Creek - Alan Davies - though I have no idea why at all🤭

    @Shaphron who would be yours then?

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