Living with Rheumatoid arthritis

Hi everyone

I’ve been living with Rheumatoid arthritis for over 8 years now.even though I’m on all sort of medications you may know about RA my bones scan results comes very bad and weak.My GP told me that they are as weak as for a 80 years old and that I can’t be on any medications for it since I’m only 34 years old.I feel so lost and sad.

im not having any flare ups at the moment but oh God I’m so weak! I’m living on red bull and monster to help me care for a 3years old with ADHD.I can’t no longer walk like I use legs sometimes completely refuse to move at all even though I’m not in pain.

The depression and anxiety are at the worst due to universal credit ignoring my health condition and asking me to look for work.

I feel like no one is taking Arthritis seriously around me.

I also have a visible walking disability on my left leg that made it most more smaller than the right one du to polio.

Any tips are welcome

thank you all in advance


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    Welcome to the online community you have come to the right place for understanding,word of advice and helpfulness.

    You say you have Rhumatoid Arthritis and suffering from depression at the moment,feeling very weak and lack of movement due to weakness in the legs and body,also caring for a 3year old with ADHD.

    What a lot you have to deal with at the moment we hope it will help you by chatting to others on the forums.You dont say if you have any help at home at all.

    Here are a few links that may help you in some way.

    I do hope all this helps,meanwhile just go on line on our forums and chat to others who have the same condition as you and are very friendly and helpful.

    All the best Christine

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    One tip. Cut out the energy drinks. They are so bad for us in so many ways and are probably what's causing the weakness. They are packed full of caffeine and sugar and can cause serious problems.

    I'd also suggest you have another chat with your GP about your bone scan result. If this was a DXA scan, they are a check for osteoporosis, not RA. Again, energy drinks can be a contributing factor. I'm sure two children with ADHD must be exhausting but this isn't the answer. Ask if you could speak to a dietician.

    When my two were young, even without my RA flaring and without ADHD, life was tough. I do feel for you but your 'go to aid' is actually making things harder for you.

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    Thank you so much for your reply.I will try getting off energy drinks.

    I’ve booked an appointment to see my GP again soon,I got some many questions to ask him.

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    I think that's a good plan. Why not make a list of your questions? And remember to listen carefully to the answers😉 It's so easy not to.

    As many health centres prefer us to come alone now to reduce possibilities of covid infections, you might find a telephone appointment even better as you could have a friend listening in in case you missed something.

    This might help too.

  • Conde86
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    Yes I will just ask for a phone appointment.

    thank you very much for your tips

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