Knee replacement

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Hi I am awaiting a knee replacement because of osteoarthritis in my knee. I am now bone on bone but op scheduled for March....... The protocol after. Having a steroid injection in my knee in September..... Which did not work. Musculoskeletal team involved and saw surgeon last week.

I am in such pain, every step and some other movements. Can only walk????? By inches with sticks or zimmer for support. Any ideas for pain relief? Nothing seems to work with the bones as they are. I take paracetamol which takes the edge off. Have tried codeine and morphine patches both make me feel ghastly but does not deal with the pain.

Not happy either at being virtually housebound. Used to be out and about at various things locally most days. I do read.... A lot.... And have other home hobbies but I feel the glums closing in on me rapidly.


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    Its vile. I found an appointment with the pain clinic helpful. They put me on paracetamol with codeine plus ibuprofen 4 x per day . Most useful advice was don't wait for the pain to reach peak- try and nip it off before then as its harder to bring down from peak then to nip off.

    There is also the capsicum creams that work for some

    At least your knee replacement surgery is not too far off- I have been added to list a couple of weeks ago and told it will be 9 -12 months :(