RA and loss of Strength

Hi all

I have lost nearly all my strength since RA started. I can't open a ring pull can or open a bottle of water.

Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Not sure whether this is a side effect of the Methotrexate, which I stopped taking 6 weeks ago. Nothing has changed since. Thanks.


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    @Sandgrownen Yes, it was the first symptom I reported, loss of grip and couldn’t turn off taps on the kitchen sink to stop the drip drip. As a gym weight lifter I still had muscle power, but the pain of attempting to turn taps tightly was excruciating. Now less than 6 months later i struggle with zips, snap locks & buttons, salt & pepper grinders. The list goes on. Muscle shrinks when not in use, and with frail remaining ligaments you can’t train much.

    I replaced my taps with 1/4turn lever taps & have a USB rechargeable salt & pepper shaker now.

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