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Left knee very swollen and painful. Can’t bend it much, very stiff at times. X-ray showed mild to moderate OA although I first thought it was RA as this was diagnosed over 30yrs ago in same knee. No other joints affected.

I had a consultant appointment 2 weeks ago and she doubted it was RA and went with the X-ray. She said she wasn’t sure whether I needed a steroid injection and advised me to wait to see if the swelling settles on it’s own.

She told me that steroid injections can be very painful and there’s a risk of infection.

Since seeing her, my knee has worsened, more swollen, stiff and painful. I think the cold weather hasn’t helped. I RICE it as much as possible but it’s becoming very uncomfortable.

I have a telephone consultation with my GP this week and I would like to try an injection now as I can’t see that my knee is going to resolve on its own. It hasn’t done so for the past 3 months in fact it’s getting worse not better.

I believe that it’s possible to have steroid injections with your GP? Do I need to take time off work and rest afterwards? If so, for how long? Do these injections reduce the swelling and pain? How long does it take to work? Has anyone got any experience of them please?


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    Hi @Eviealice69

    Sounds nasty and I think trying the injection has to be worth a try.

    Some GPs are indeed trained to do them, but not all and sometimes they like to do them sort of 'under Xray'? so they can see exactly where the needle is going so you might still get referred back to the hospital. I hope your GP can do yours it will be far quicker.

    Ideally you could do with some time off work (or if you work monday to Friday having it done on a Friday?) because it's best if the steroid stays as long as possible in the bit which needs it. Too much movement distributes it you see. Good excuse for feet up and getting waited on I think maybe😉

    Take care

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    Thank you for your advice. I will wait for GP call and discuss injection from there. I’d rather someone who is specifically trained do my injection so I may get referred back to consultant I guess.

    Anyone had an injection for OA? Does it work well? Take swelling down quickly?