Weight gain through inactivity


Whenever I have a particularly bad time with my arthritis, my activity levels understandably go down. This then leads to weight gain. Even a couple of pounds weight gain can make a huge difference to pain levels with arthritis. Sometimes I don't realise iv gained weight until I jump on the scales. I now weigh myself regularly, once a week. I find this helpful to keep my weight in check. I can then alter my food intake accordingly. Do any of you follow strict diets or meal plans to help with this?


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    I absolutely do watch my weight too! I do intermittent fasting if things look like they are sneaking up! I think with me this is more an age thing than an arthritis issue, as when I am flaring I usually lose my appetite a bit.


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    No strict diet for me. I'm blessed with a body that won't tolerate food in large quantities and a stomach that won't tolerate much fat (including chocolate) in any form. (Thanks, NSAIDS😑)

    I plan only insofar as everything comes delivered once a week .

    But I like your idea. It makes perfect sense. I think, more and more, the research indicates, though that exercise, much needed for joints, muscles and all the other bits, will not alone keep us trim. It's diet that's the main culprit when people put on weight. Apparently, it takes an hour's cycling to work off a doughnut. (Cycling? Cycling!!) I suspect, when we're less active we eat more. The good news is that, the worse the arthritis the more energy we expend on simple tasks. I'm sure Mr SW doesn't lose many calories at all when he takes the washing out in the laundry basket and hangs it on the line. For me it's several trips down and then up the steps, a few bits at a time.

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    I haven't quite made it to the places you are in yet. I did lose 3 stones in preparation for my TKR but I've put a stone back on and should have lost a couple more really. Once I saw what was going on I have a weekly weigh and haven't put any more on but action needs taking. I too read that diet is the biggest thing in weight loss but this lady goes with exercise as a booster.

    Here is a link to our latest podcast which is about this very thing. I enjoyed it very much, hope you do too

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