Any thoughts /experience on specific food allowed/disallowed?


Or any that makes your RA better/worse no change, but enjoyable to eat!

Comment on

quaker porridge oats

Sourdough bread (white)

white rice

(I heard lectins in whole grain & brown rice is bad due to their inflammatory immune boosting effect, something we don’t need).

And for discussion only, I was amused this study found beer wine & pizza anti-inflammatory, surprising the hospital doctors who ran the study. If only!


Relevant excerpt: Dr Sparks and colleagues used data from the food frequency questionnaires to determine each woman’s Empirical Dietary Inflammatory Pattern (EDIP) score, a measure that had been developed previously by identifying the food and beverage groups most strongly associated with 3 circulating inflammatory markers implicated in numerous diseases: interleukin-6, C-reactive protein, and tumor necrosis factor-α receptor 2.4 Processed meat, red meat, organ meat, non-dark meat fish, vegetables other than green leafy and dark-yellow vegetables, refined grains, high-energy beverages, low-energy beverages, and tomatoes were positively associated with the inflammatory markers and thus identified as pro-inflammatory food groups, whereas beer, wine, tea, coffee, dark-yellow vegetables, leafy green vegetables, snacks, fruit juice, and pizza were inversely associated with the markers and thus identified as anti-inflammatory food groups. High EDIP scores are indicative of pro-inflammatory diets, and low EDIP scores are indicative of anti-inflammatory diets. 

Rheumatology Advisor asked Dr Sparks about the counterintuitive inclusion of pizza as an anti-inflammatory food group. “We were surprised about that, too,” Dr Sparks said. “There are some interesting thoughts about whether processed tomatoes might actually have anti-inflammatory properties. This study was done in a cohort of older nurses. So the type of pizza they may be eating may be relatively more healthy. It’s not clear that this is generalizable to other populations.”