Earliest sign of RA? - kept buying new shoes thinking that was the source of swollen painful feet…

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I found that my earliest symptoms of RA were painful feet after long walks, never a problem before, prompting me to think bad shoes and making me buy several new pairs wondering why nothing made it better. (Guys usually only stump up for 1-2 pairs. Ever!)

I later found out I am not the only one, has anyone here done that? Should it be part of public awareness? If it had been caught that early I might have had a reasonable prospect at remission & avoiding connective tissue damage.

Thoughts & experiences?


  • frogmorton
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    I blamed my heels too @Arthuritis ! I think so did Claire King the actress - I'm sure I read that somewhere.....

    A few years ago there was a public awareness thing about hand shaking - not so relevant now with COVID is it?

  • Arthuritis
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    @frogmorton I didn’t know about the handshaking thing, I thought I’ become clumsy butter hands always dropping stuff. Don’t know if related, as it started years before my RA Dx.

  • vally
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    Can so relate. My kids laugh about how many shoes I have bought. Only really have one pair that is comfortable and wear those all the time.

  • Arthuritis
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    @vally Yup! have a neat pile of only-worn-once shoes. Should have had alarm bells when the usual single layer gel insole made no difference, and. started pairing them and walked on a sandwich of 2 gel insoles! This was 11 months ago. Still do. Next set are memory foam insoles on top.

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