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Hello. Like lots of people on immunosuppressant medication I had a third Covid vaccine three months ago. The idea is that the third dose brings me up to a similar level of immunity as other people who had two.

Now they are offering boosters but I can't book one because it thinks I've already had one. I don't know what to do. The GP can't help.


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    Hi @DorothyParker

    I don't know where you live but here in west of Scotland the local health board has set up a vaccines unit to deal with people that required a 3rd vaccine. Like you my GP wasn't of any help - in fact was quite obstructive. I mentioned to the rheumatology nurse in passing at my last appointment and she sorted it out for me really quickly by emailing the vaccines unit. I received my 3rd vaccine the next day. I'd maybe suggest you give your rheumatology clinic a call.

    When I got my 3rd vaccine the staff at the vaccine centre were very helpful, knew of the 3rd vaccine, gave me a leaflet about it and assured me I'd have a booster in 6 months time (now reduced to 3 months). I'm planning to go back to my rheumatology nurse if I don't hear about my booster in about 7 weeks time.

  • DorothyParker

    I am in London. It feels a bit chaotic. I don't feel too vulnerable as I've had 4 doses and Covid (which was horrendous), so I'm hoping I have a good immune defence already. Plus I am able to work from home which I think is protecting me more than anything else, but can't go on forever.

    But I would like the maximum protection and while I definitely don't begrudge anyone else their vaccines, it seems a little crazy that those of us who are deemed to be higher risk are the ones being denied boosters.

    I have a telephone rheumatology appointment this week so I will ask. I'm hoping it's with a nurse, or better still the physician associate, as they seem to give you more time. But I think it's going to be the consultant, who always rushes me through and gives me vague answers and seems to think they are above sorting out such mundane things.

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    @DorothyParker Your experience seems the standard in London. I had the same. Apparently GPs are supposed to notify the hospital within 3 days of any newly suspected RA, my one did nothing for 6 months and when it got really bad I used up my savings to pay for a private consultant, who ran the simple blood tests that the GP should have, showing it was now escalated to an aggressive form, sent the results to the GP at which point the GP and his obstructive team finally referred me. The hosp’s tiny RA dept is very low budget, so does the minimum but its organised.

    The private consultant experience, while very expensive, was much better.

  • DorothyParker

    Actually my GP was excellent. I got referred quickly. My rheumatology department are rubbish. Just shows how much things vary area to area.

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    I’m in Wales, my vaccine card says 3 vaccine (November) and I have an appointment for my “booster” in February.