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Hello everyone.

I really need some help - emotionally, more than anything.

I have hip dysplasia that caused secondary OA, and recently underwent a THR at 38 (two months ago). It went pretty well, but I’ve found the process of waiting and the actual op pretty traumatic, and the recovery bearable but mentally draining. My other hip is non symptomatic right now but has the same condition, so will also need an early replacement.

I’d had concerns about my knees crunching and crackling for a while (no pain or stiffness) and my surgeon had hoped it would all level up post op, but it’s still there in one of them (the other has cleared up thankfully). I’m having to wait a while to have it checked as I’m not cleared to go for a MRI until the hip is recovered, so I’m finding the anxiety of this waiting period very hard. I’m convinced I have deteriorating cartilage in one knee and it just feels like one thing after another right now. Im terrified of being told I have knee OA too. I’m feeling hopeless, like I want to give up. All I can see ahead is pain and decreasing mobility, like I’ve been through for so long with my bad hip.

I suppose I’m asking for a little hope or light from those who are more experienced in dealing with OA than I am (even though I don’t have the knee diagnosis yet). I didn’t deal with my hip well and left it as long as I could bear to. I just need some guidance and some advice on how everyone copes with such anxiety and sadness around this condition or potential diagnosis.

A genuine thank you.


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    Hello @Pingu and a warm welcome to the online community,

    It sounds like you have had a lot to deal with lately - waiting for your THR, having the op and now beginning recovery. You are among friends here, many of who who have been through the same surgery, and all of who can sympathise with your concerns.

    It is still very early days in your journey to recovery with your hip, but so many people have found that the pain they experienced previous to their operation improved and their mobility increased. It might take a while but you will get there too. Versus Arthritis have a page on hip surgery that might be useful for you to read especially the a section on recovery and what to expect:

    You are also worried about pain and decreasing mobility, and that’s understandable too. I’m sure our members will help you to see some light for the future, and you could have a look at the helpful suggestions below on how to look after your emotion well being:

    Best wishes, and do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( mod)

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    Oh dear @Pingu

    You poor thing! I do hope your knee isn't deciding to join the party!

    What I will say is 2 months really isn't at all long (I know what you mean about surgery and getting over it mentally - it takes months and I mean months!) in terms of recovery there has to be hope still I am sure.

    There are exercises you can do for your knee so that you feel like you're doing something while you wait for your MRI I'll see if I can find them....

    or this might be better:

    Take care and just look after yourself ((()))

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    Thanks Frogmorton. I’m really struggling with all of it and the fear of my knee heading the same way. I have no idea how to get my head around things and just find myself incredibly sad and withdrawn…

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    Hi @Pingu

    Welcome from me too. I have had a knee replacement and have OA in other joints too. It is a real drain on you having OA both mentally and physically. Have you thought about telling your GP how it is? I found it hard to sleep at times and my GP gave me a low dose of amitriptylene at night as a muscle relaxant. She also told me it is used as an anti depression drug in larger doses which was helpful for me as I then felt able to say I wasn't managing mentally as well as I thought I would. I now take a larger dose and I'm pretty sure it does help. I think for me it is the unrelenting-ness. Great people on here will advise looking at each day - don't borrow tomorrows troubles - and it is the best way to get through this. I also look at what I have to be thankful for, and that's quite a long list.

    Have a read of the emotional well being from Anna and maybe chat to your GP?

    Lots of gentle (((()))) hugs xx

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    Hi Wazz

    Thank you for the kind message.

    My GP has discharged me twice saying there’s no OA in my knee on the X-ray and it’ll all level out now my hip has been done - I’ve yet to see/hear/feel this! I have several times contacted them saying I’m struggling emotionally and have just been directed to online courses which I have completed and not found helpful. I’m paying for a MRI next year on my knee but have to wait a certain amount of time for the hip to be stable enough to go ahead.

    Youre so brave undergoing a TKR - my greatest fear!

    I think I’m looking forward too far, I agree. I suppose I’m worried as my hip was discovered so late that I had no option but a THR and I’m frightened of that happening again. I had a very complex surgery and I’m having a very long recovery from it, it’s been a huge amount to go through (I also had two years waiting for a surgery date).