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I have been lurking for a bit but thought this time I would introduce myself and say Hi.

I wasn’t spying just learning and being extremely cautious as my experience with forums say they are moderator centred. I hope this is different.

I am in a strange position, after 20 years of pain, it took a pandemic and the old GP’s retirement for me to be told by my new GP to tell me I was diagnosed years ago but my old GP had ignored the bloods.. to cut a long story short I have gone for all this time untreated- hence the lurking and learning.

i have a million and one questions but before I start asking I will carry on reading, I’m sure someone else has asked them before!

looking forward to getting to know you all.


  • Anna
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    Hi @PlodOn and welcome to the online community,

    Twenty years is a long time to be in pain as you have been, so I’m glad you have finally been diagnosed. And I’m glad you’ve finally decided to post - many people enjoy reading the posts that other people have written, and that’s absolutely fine, but it’s even better if you join in and say something about yourself or respond to something with your own experience! As you’ve probably seen, everyone is friendly and supportive so please do join in on any conversations you are interested in.

    Im not sure exactly what you mean by ‘moderator centred’, but this forum is pretty much peer-led. Us moderators do try to personally welcome each new member, and of course we check each post to make sure that it conforms to our community guidelines, but other than that, we leave it up to you. I think you’ll agree it works well, and I hope you enjoy being part of it.

    Since you are newly diagnosed, you might find the Versus Arthritis webpage for people who are newly diagnosed useful:

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( mod)

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    Welcome welcome @PlodOn

    That was bad treatment you had from your GP.

    It's lovely to finally meet one of our 'Lurkers' I mostly do the same on a COPD forum myself as you say most questions have been asked before so I do a search.

    Having said that you never know you might make friends here as i have done😊there are some really wonderful people who use this forum.