Guided steroid injections


Hello. Who here has had an ultrasound guided steroid injection into a joint? Can you please tell me what recovery was like.

I'm having one in my knee. Will I be able to walk unaided and take myself home on the bus afterwards?

Thank you in advance.


  • Eviealice69
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    Hi Dorothy. I’m new here too. I have mild to moderate OA in left knee. Very swollen and painful. I had my first cortisone & hyaluronic acid injection yesterday. It was very very painful! I had fluid aspirated first, then the injection. I’m not a wimp but I came very close to passing out. I certainly wouldn’t have another without sedation!

    Maybe if one just has the injection it’s not so painful! I was advised to rest for at least 48hrs which I am trying to do. My knee is no better as yet, early days I understand. However I’ve read that it doesn’t always work for everyone.

    Knee has been very painful today despite rest and the swelling hasn’t gone down at all. I can’t bend it and can’t do the exercises recommended as yet because of the pain.

    I had to pay for my injection as too long a wait under NHS. I couldn’t afford to have another one privately as it cost me nearly £300! More expensive because I had the hyaluronic & cortisone one apparently.

    I just hope it gives me some relief at some point! I have read that it can take up to several weeks, if it works at all. It’s aching a lot today more than it usually does. I hope it settles.

    Has anyone else had these injections? Any success??

    Dorothy mine wasn’t done under USS I wish it had been. I did have a very experienced practitioner who is linked to our local MSK team but he didn’t have an ultrasound machine in his private clinic.

    My husband drove me to and from my appointment. I could hobble afterwards but definitely wouldn’t have managed getting a bus home. You need someone to take and run you home really. You may feel pain and feel a bit faint afterwards. Not safe on public transport.

    best of luck! I hope it helps you.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @DorothyParker

    'They' like us to rest as much as possible after a steroid injection. This keeps the steroid in the area it's aimed for as long as possible. In your shoes i would try to get a lift or maybe a taxi? Then feet up and someone to wait on you if possible.

    Best of luck