Seronegative arthritis


Hi I'm new on this site, & was diagnosed 6 years ago with osteoarthritis, over the last 2 years my arthritis has spread throughout my body & started to question if i have osteoarthritis, to cut a long story short, i went private to see rheumatologist & i was diagnosed with seronegative arthritis as it never shows any rheumatoid factors in my blood, but i never ever had osteoarthritis.

My question is anyone living with seronegative arthritis???


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    Hello @thomasp16 and welcome to the community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have been diagnosed with Seronegative arthritis and are looking for others' experiences of this. Our website has a lot of useful information and a good search facility and I would suggest you have a look around it, to help I've put a couple of links in below which might be of help.

    I hope that others will connect with you and share their experiences as well and share their support.

    With very best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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    Hello. I have seronegative arthritis. I came off steroids in December, and also came off coffee because it seems to worsen the condition and allowed me to come off steroids without inflammation starting up. I get stiffness a sort of stretchy kind. I get joint stiffness a sort of creaky kind. I get morning stiffness that wears off during the day but boy is it draining, and I just want to close my eyes and drift off. Lately my feet have a bit of stiffness and swelling so I am having to guess that it's just hanging around in the background, waiting for some kind of trauma to set it off. The point is though, I am not on any meds, and starting to wonder if I should be. When I get fed up with it I take an Ibuprofen, and you know what . . . its gone. But it doesn't last.

  • Danielle2022

    I have been diagnosed with seronegative arthritis back in August and mostly find my fingers and wrist most stiff and painful. Recently having pain in my shoulders and feet as well. I’m on methotrexate injections and hydroxycloriquine tablets now as well but so far still having flare ups hoping things settle down soon.