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Hi all I don’t know if anyone else is struggling but I am really struggling with the constant pain that makes sleeping hard but because of the time of year and the weather is dull and miserable I’m just fine life a struggle. I was meant to get injections in both knees being of December as my consultant wasn’t in clinic end of November they were bringing me back two weeks after appointment not go it until middle of January if it’s not cancelled ! I have multiple joints and spine that has RA in and waiting for multiple surgeries but the pain just over loaded with at Mo I’m sorry to moan but feel so alone with situation


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    Hi @Daz

    I really feel for you with widespread pain at the moment, the winter isn't best for me either, I want to do less so get stiff, then my pain levels increase and I want to do less and so it continues.

    Coming here is good though, it reminds us we are not alone, there are others here who get it, so we can be sad and tell our today story.

    I have had knee steroid injections at my GP surgery, one of the doctors has had the relevant training, for me that's quicker than waiting for a rheumy appt. Maybe that would work for you?

    Waiting for surgery is so hard, especially now when we don't know what is going on with so called elective surgery. I use heat to give my joints relief, I have a hot gel bottle (a hot water bottle shape and size that can go in the microwave) which is great. I use that and a snuggly blanket and my knees really love it. I've seen some long hot water bottles in the shops that might be very useful. An electric blanket gets me toasty as I go to bed. I can drop off quite well with that though I do wake up a few times when I try to turn over.

    Distraction is good for me too, I like reading so have an app so I don't have to hold a book and seeing what's on the telly right now.

    Sending you lots of gentle ((((())))) virtual hugs


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