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What help do others get with food prep, I am on restricted diet so ready meals aren't always suitable


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    Hello @Pheasantfeeder and welcome to the online community,

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by getting help with food prep, but below is a link to the Versus Arthritis Tips page, where members give some real life hints and tips for living with arthritis, including suggestions on how to prepare food:

    Other members may reply with their own suggestions. Why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience of living with arthritis so that we can give you a proper welcome? All the members are very friendly.

    Best wishes, Anna (Mod)

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    I am too far gone to peel veg or chop meat so I rely on ready meals I can whack in the ding machine, otherwise anything frozen that can be stuffed in the oven in one go. Occasionally I get ready prepared casserole vegs with my on-line order plus some diced chicken/turkey then stick it all in the same pan to make a stew, Auntie Bessies dumplings are good to stick on top. Don't buy frozen casserole veg as they cook to mush.

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    I’m not sure where you live but in my city there are a few meal prep companies - basically they cook, store and deliver meals for you - you pick from their online menu and it’s all healthy fresh food - not full of salt like the supermarket ready meals. Just Google healthy meal prep and the city where you live.

    the other option would be if you could get a family member or friend maybe once a week to batch cook you some food so you can keep it in tubs in the fridge or freezer so all you have to do is ping it in the micro :)

    I hope this helps a little


  • Mike1
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    I have tried a couple of major meal companies but am not that enamoured with them, there is one company locally that delivers freshly prepared meals but they are too expensive. I am too far gone to worry about having "healthy" food all the time anyway!

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    @Mike1 @Anna I understand. I have only been recently diagnosed, but have a very aggressive form of RA, which has meant having to adapt very quickly, as things changed precipitously within a month.

    For cooking I often buy ready prep stir fry veg in a bag (there are a few choices). Empty the bag into a microwave steam bag or microwave steamer add 2 teaspoons of water, seasoning and pop in the micro. 6 min later I have a perfectly steamed flavourful meal, vegetarian though.

    Other times I buy small bags of ready prep broccoli cauliflower, Kale & gem lettuce, wash them and put them in the blender with water and sometimes seasoning. Pretty filling!

    @Mandyw I like the idea of a healthy ready prep meal, but can’t see supermarkets being able to do those. I will google a bit! Thanks for the tip!