Rheumatoid arthritis haven’t been able to walk in two weeks

Hello, I’m only 24 years old but I have rheumatoid arthritis and I haven’t been able to walk properly in two weeks I’m in so much pain and I’m feeling very depressed because I can’t do anything any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi @toniball355

    Welcome to our online community and thank you for asking for our advice and support.

    You tell us that you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and that you haven't been able to walk properly for two weeks. You are in a lot of pain and feeling very depressed because you are struggling to do anything.

    Are you getting any support from your GP and/or a rheumatologist - it sounds very much as if that would help - have you tried contacting them?

    I don't know how much you know about your condition, but here is the main page of basic information about RA from the Versus Arthritis website -

    I am concerned that you say you are depressed at present because of how limited you feel by your arthritis - here are some suggestions aimed at improving our emotional well-being -

    Thank you again for posting here about how things are for you - keep in touch with our online community, and please tell us more about how things are going.

    Very best wishes


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    Hi there @toniball355 ,

    It's really hard when you get RA at a young age, but you are not alone. If you go to the information about RA that @ToneBlues gave you do scroll down to the bottom to see Kerri's story, she was diagnosed at 21.

    Keep in touch with your health team, keep a diary of how your pain is at different times of the day, I chose 3 times and added in any activity done and also fatigue which is a big thing for me. It really helps you truly show how it is for you at each appointment, which is what they need to know.

    Then be nice to yourself, you are struggling so take it as easy as you can and book in little treats, always good at Christmas but good all year round too.

    Sending you gentle ((((())))) virtual hugs


  • Hi @toniball355

    Thanks for you post to the Helpline.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are unwell and struggling with your mobility. I wonder if you've been able to speak to your rheumatology team (or your GP) to go over ways of supporting you during this flare up?

    I do hope you will be able to talk this over with someone medically qualified. You would also be most welcome to ring us here at the Helpline for some informal support. Our number is 0800 5200 520 9am-6pm weekdays (but we are closed for Bank Holidays and Christmas week.)

    Kind regards

    Guy Helpline Team