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That title is actually a great play on words (my name is Doug) but you have to know a little 1980's mainstream rap.

Anyways I'm new here and of course like everyone I'm very interested in any relevant info regarding RA. Not currently taking any serious meds to slow down the progression, THC and active life style both help manage my pain which is a daily issue and heart been for amidst a decade now.

I'd love to be pointed in the right direction with a bunch of different stuff specifically learning about the proper nutrition to help reduce inflammation. Also effective and pointed stretches for obvious reasons and workouts to help the muscles support the joints specifically si joints, shoulder & knee also the elbow, groin and even occasionally sternum pain.

Thanks for reading if anyone actually does lol and this is probably more about me randomly accepting the fact that I have this disease and I know at some point I need to deal with it. The pain is something I learned to deal with and manage but I absolutely hate the deformities and understand it's going to get worse with age. I was diagnosed at 30, felt my first leg pain at 21 and I'm now 36.

Thanks again, Doug M.


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    Hi @Moody85

    Welcome to our online community, and thank you for telling us about your RA and for seeking the support of our community.

    I see that you you have had RA for a while and that you were diagnosed six years ago. You take no "serious meds" to slow the progression of the disease, but are self-managing using nutrition, exercise and non-prescription medication. You also say that you know you are going to have to do something more about your disease at some point, and you are aware that it can damage and change your joints permanently.

    It is widely recognised that getting effective treatment early for RA is essential if permanent joint damage is to be avoided. As the Versus Arthritis website says - "There are a variety of treatments available for rheumatoid arthritis. The earlier that intensive treatment is started, the more likely it is to work."

    This is the main introductory page on the VA web about RA -

    Keeping moving is important with all forms of arthritis. This series of exercises are designed to help throughout the day -

    Here is some information about research into getting treatment for RA early in the development of the disease.

    Thank you again for contacting the online community - please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

    Very best wishes