AntiVirals for Covid 19 whilst on Biologics


Unfortunately I have a chest infection so have had to come off Biologics TOCILIZUMAB for RA, while antibiotics do their thing. I had my 3rd Covid jab 2 weeks ago. My 20 year old has tested Covid Positive & is isolating in his room. This has left me feeling very vulnerable but so far after 5 days of lateral flow tests I am still negative.

I asked my Rheumynurse when I can go back on Biologics, given my Covid risk at the moment too? I’m to wait til my son is clear of Covid (or when my antibiotics finished) She said to ring Rheumynurse immediately if I have positive PCR for Covid as they will now start people on Biologics on Anti Viral meds’ straight away (that’s good to know), I don’t know a lot about Anti Virals but it made me feel a little easier, I can’t help thinking it’s only a matter of time before I test positive but I am taking all the precautions I can.

I would be interested to know how people fare with Covid if they are on Biologics. Has anyone had this experience?

I hope everyone out there keeps safe at what is turning out to be a very anxious Christmas.


  • frogmorton
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    Gosh you must be 😰 terrified.

    I will have everything crossed for you.

    I have no experience at all of this BUT my daughter had to take antivirals when she had leukemia and got a life threatening viral infection so they do exist and is the best treatment they have. As you probably know chemotherapy seriously suppresses your immune system so not dissimilar to biologics.

    I hope your son does well and you stay strong ((()))