Hi from a newbie

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Hey guys newbie here. X rays confirmed OA a year ago. Took nearly two years of being treated for tendentious first. Doc stated it’s stage 2 of 3 in hands and wrists. Thumbs are the worst. He then told me he doesn’t know much about it and referred me to a specialist. Also advised I will likely loose my driving license. Have been trying to do some research to help slow down the process but it has left me more confused. The waiting list to see the specialist was approx 14 months so not sure where I am in the queue. I don’t know if I have bone on bone, Spurs or any thing else just that I have OA. Strangely I tried a challenge recently to add distance to a rowing event and found rowing 10000m 3-4 times a week on a rowing machine left my hands pain free?. Also having been diagnosed with severe stress several years ago after several years of unwanted sexual harassment I started having anxiety attacks. These had pretty much stopped but now they seem to be a warning sign that I’m about to have a flare up. Either I have a really sadistic sub conscious or a very clever one 😂 Anyway one very confused weirdo saying hi.