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I was an avid quilt maker but in the last months i find small hand movements very painful and difficult,my hands are like boxing gloves with bananas for fingers, this is so frustrating how do others manage their hobbies?


  • Poppyjane
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    Hi @Pheasantfeeder ,

    The pain you are experiencing in your hands caused by swollen joints making your fingers like bananas can be relieved in a number of ways. I do agree with you that it is so frustrating when it prevents you from doing some of the hobbies that you really enjoy. I hope the link gives you some information to help relieve the pain. If it persists you might need to ask your GP to assess it.

    If you want to look at aids there is this link which might be helpful


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  • frogmorton
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    Oh gosh your hobby is very delicate @Pheasantfeeder very fine work.

    Have you tried fingerless compression gloves just to support them while you are sewing?

    Sadly many of us have over time modified our hobbies - doing them for shorter periods or even finding something less painful or difficult. I hope this is just a flare for you though I don't know which type of arthritis you have.

    Oh and some people have sworn by wax hand baths in the past physios used to give them to people. I've never tried them so can't personally vouch for them.

    Take care

  • Mike1
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    I make models and can only manage 10 or 15 minutes at a time, sometimes it is frustrating but I just take joy in the fact that I can still do it albeit things take longer.

  • airwave
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    I find there is a machine for most ‘shed’ jobs but you do need to be careful and try not to spend too long holding a tool or piece of wood. Painful hands don’t help but sharp tools do make things easier as in the kitchen. Being more accurate in the first place is better and reduces the amount of work later. Using a set square and a roller blade for crafts works well, I use one for cutting glass cloth and have just invested in an electric pair of scissors to try out.

    If I can’t get to my shed then it will be the end of me!

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • sunnyside2
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    I paint in acrylics and have had to accept I can only do fairly short spells -and some days none as too long without knee elevated and I am in major pain.

    I do spend longer plotting out exactly what I want to do so don't waste my knee stressing time on less worthy stuff-and at least I can do the plotting side of things without upsetting knee

  • Moira
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    I do complex embroidery with a slate frame - so can only do a limited time, play several instruments .................... I've given away my recorders and the guitar is a problem, so I use a ukelele (smaller and easier), piano is only 15 mins or so now and don't ask me to play Chopin any more! It's really very frustrating. But I do hand/wrist exercises every day and wear a wrist and thumb support that I bought on-line when I ache. It's not one with a metal bar and isn't thick, so gives me support without impeding movement. Like "sunnyside" I plan what I'm going to do so that I have everything set out in a way I can manage. I also use "Good Grips" kitchen tools - huge help. Thinking my way around how to do things keeps the "little grey cells" fit!