Don't know if I can face another year with knee oa


Hi maybe this sounds silly but I don't know if I can face another year with knee OA j have my old worries creeping back in like my knees giving way ect Iam I just being silly or not I have done so well this year but I know things can change


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    Hi @Blueskyday68

    The last thing you sound is silly. The various kinds of arthritis are all frustrating and confusing, each in their own unique way. I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years which has led me into a fair bit of anxiety over the years (along with all the other stuff it brings) - so it almost felt like an insult to be told I had developed OA of the hip earlier this year, and that I needed a hip replacement. But somehow I seem to have accommodated - and at least my RA has eased this year. As you say, things can change - and they can change for good as well as ill. I am continually surprised by just how helpful wrapping up warm, stepping out of the front door and going for a walk no matter how short, is - you'd think it wouldn't still be a surprise...


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    You aren't silly at all. Arthritis can get you down. I had viral arthritis a number of years ago and now it seems to be OA with psoriatic elements. I had a knee replacement a few years back and I seem to have "jiggered" it . Whoops!!!! The pain is bad yes but at least I'm not immobile in a bed, so that's a positive. I have problems with all my other joints . I can't get in and out of the bath so use a shower. No way will I send for someone to heave me out with my bulbous bum!! Can't get onto the floor & up again etc. When it does happen and I sit like a twit giggling and trying to work out how I get up!! I'm afraid that my dancing days are well and truly over (But can still dance in my head)! The GP has given me strong painkillers but I use them only when I have to, I don't want to get hooked, and anti-imflamitories. Don't know what I would do without them. I do simple physio exercises every day and that helps - especially core muscle ones (keeps you upright) as I used to fall over a lot too. Check out the videos with "Versus Arthritis" I think you will find them extremely helpful and do exercises most days if you can, especially quad exercises - you can do them sitting. Try not to sit for too long (even just get up and wander around or go for a wee walk as Tone says). And I use a stick - A very snazzy purple and silver one which cheers me up no end. My friend has a bright red one. I had a wooden one from the hospital - so I used felt pens and decorated it with bright flowers to cheer me up. It is a great help and to be honest I can't walk too far without it. I try and find something positive each day - difficult during Covid, I know but you can - even the pesky magpies fighting over a worm in the garden Remember there are many of us like you, so you aren't silly nor alone. Keep smiling - even if it starts as a grimace.

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    @Moira , your post has just got 2022 off to a good start for me.

    I love your positive take. I, too, have done the sitting on the floor thig wondering how to get upright. (It doesn't help when Mr SW come in and asks "What are you doing down there?"😉) But, one way or another, I've always got up again.

    Please hang on to your can do attitude. It's such a help both to yourself and others.

    Just a thought - if you " had viral arthritis a number of years ago and now it seems to be OA with psoriatic elements" it would be worth asking for another rheumatology appointment just to ensure you don't have an inflammatory arthritis. Many of us have 'done the double' ie an inflammatory plus OA. Just plain greedy😉

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    This is so inspiring. Thank you. I have been my husband's carer for the last few weeks and when I tried to lift him off the floor where he had fallen, I fell over backwards. For the first time in 3 years I found myself lying on the floor. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to get up. Using super human force I got to a chair and lifted myself up. One positive of the situation was to discover that I had knelt on one knee. I haven't been able to do that for many years. Your email is inspiring and I will try to do some exercises as you advise,