Daughter with JIA?


Hi, I hope someone might be able to share their experiences and offer some advice. My daughter is 6 in three days. She has had a swollen knee for three weeks. I have taken her into A n E on the 14th and blood tests and X rays were fine. They thought it was in response to a virus. I had a follow up phone call on the 24th. The doctor was surprised the swelling hasnt reduced and on hearing she is very sore in the morning and limps suggested it maybe be JIA. I am of course terrified it might be. She has referred us for an MRI, but i phoned up today and there is a 3 month waiting list. They also seem to not want to refer us to rhuematology until we have an MRI scan. So i am left with no diagnosis, and a child who is increasingly unable to move without limping. Not sure where this leaves us. It is breaking my heart seeing her limp and i am very unsure if any one can help, atleast for the next three months. Any advice would be very welcome. Will


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    Hi @WilB

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community and thank you very much for seeking our support.

    I understand that you have a young daughter who has had a swollen knee for some weeks, and that following blood tests and x-rays, and continuing soreness in her knee it is being suggested that she may have juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). The daughter has been referred for an MRI scan but there is a three month waiting list following which she may be seen in the rheumatology department. In the meantime her knee remains sore and she has developed a limp. Unsurprisingly you are concerned that she may remain like this until she has had the MRI and been seen in a rheumatology clinic.

    I can entirely understand that this is a distressing situation for you, and I am wondering if a call to your GP might be a) a way of getting the MRI appointment speeded up b)seeking some reassurance and c) the possibility of some pain relieving treatment in the short term.

    I am posting a link to the versus arthritis website article on JIA -

    It is not unusual for children with JIA to get sore eyes - if she does contact your GP.

    It is also important with all forms of arthritis to keep exercising the affected joints - so encourage your daughter to keep moving, but perhaps avoid really vigorous, high impact exercise until her symptoms ease.

    Thank you once again for contacting the online community - I hope that your daughter gets a diagnosis and if necessary treatment as soon as possible - I have my fingers crossed for you.

    Very best wishes