Osteoarthritis... Fibromyalgia.. Sciatica

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Hi I'm a newbie to this site.

I have suffered with Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia for years, but now the last few months I'm suffering with really bad sciatica. My gp has put me on amitryptiline and Pregablin. They have helped a little but I'm still suffering.

I feel like I need an xray on my back to see if there is any other problems. Am on the physiotherapy waiting list.

It's beginning to really get me down now.... Any helpful ideas.


  • ToneBlues
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    Hi @Barbie

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community and thank you for seeking our support.

    I understand that you have had osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia for some years, but that more recently you have been experiencing sciatic nerve pain for which your GP has prescribed amitryptiline and Pregablin but they do not seem to have worked well. You are on the waiting list for physiotherapy, but feel that a back x-ray would help confirm if there are any other problems.

    I can quite understand that being in significant pain is getting you down, particularly as the medications prescribed do not seem to be giving you the relief that you need.

    This a page from the Versus Arthritis website that is about back pain in general -

    This link is to a leaflet that you can download that shows exercises that may help with back pain, including sciatica

    I've found the following discussion from the online community from some years back about sciatic pain and its relief - https://community.versusarthritis.org/discussion/44665/sciatica

    You may want to talk again to your GP to let them know that the prescribed medication is not effective and ask if an X-ray would be useful given the persistence of your pain.

    I do hope that this is helpful and that you find a way to control your back pain. Please come back regularly and let us know how you are getting on.

    Very best wishes


  • Soozie_lu31

    Hi Barbour. I was diagnosed with sciatica 2 years ago and was prescribed amitryptaline aswell which did help initially (I was able to sleep restfully and cope with the pain during the day) 2 years in the pain is still there but reduced and not constant so I can manage just by taking codeine when I can’t rest particularly at night. I sympathise with you … it is the worst type of pain as it’s like someone constantly poking and irritating you. It makes me extremely irritable and intolerant!

    It sounds like you may be on the same path as me … I saw a physio for a few months and eventually had an MRI scan which confirmed osteoarthritis in my lower spine resulting in irritation of the sciatic nerve. I recommend that you follow the exercises prescribed by your physio (I’ve also found the short videos for back and hip exercises on this website useful) . I also swim 2x a week as I feel no pain in the water and it boosts my mood for the rest of the day.

    I have been referred to a pain management clinic which may result in a steroid injection in the affected joints in my lower spine but in the meantime it just seems to be finding a combination of movement and pain relief which works best for you. I’m still learning and accepting this myself. Good luck .