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Hi. I’m due a shoulder replacement soon and want to be prepared. I’ve picked up some great ideas re clothing but was wondering about sleeping positions and any aids that folk have found useful. Any ideas much appreciated. Also is there a link to post op exercises. I’m not very good at self discipline and thought a bit of pre op practice would be good for me!! Many thanks


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    Hello @hmr and welcome to the online community,

    Good for you wanting to be prepared for your shoulder replacement op that’s coming up! It’s always good to read about other other people’s experiences, and to share your own, so you’ve made a good start by joining the community. You’ll find everyone here friendly and supportive. There have been quite a few posts on shoulder arthritis and replacements - if you type ‘shoulder replacements’ into the search bar in the top right corner ( press the magnifying glass) a list will come up. Theres a very interesting and detailed thread from one of our members who recently underwent a similar operation - I’ve linked to it below if you want to read it:

    The Versus Arthritis website has a page that talks about shoulder replacement and it includes a section on preparing for surgery and recovery. You might find this useful too:

    Do let us know how you’re getting on and best wishes,

    Anna ( Mod)

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    Lindalegs' account is really up-to-date and there are other, older accounts on this forum. Lots of practical tips/ideas can be found in Michelle Conway's account of having both shoulders replaced. That is in VA's collection of life stories as well as being in an online book and blog. It includes a list of useful suggestions from several people who have had shoulder replacements.

    Post op exercises will be carefully overseen by a Physiotherapist and will be specific to your own situation so don't worry about exercises prescribed for others. You will be guided through your own exercise programme from your time in hospital onwards.

    Above all don't be discouraged if progress appears slow. The road to full recovery is a long but worthwhile one and everyone's speed of healing is different.

    Hope it goes well for you.