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Hi been diagnosed with Rheumatoid in September and put on Methotrexate not feelimg well on it at all just wondering if this will pass. Had to come off it with a chest infection and a bit concerned about going back on it as it wiped me out physically


  • Hi @SML, welcome to the online community and happy new year!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell with methotrexate. Some people find that the side effects improve over time but everyone is different. You might find this link helpful:

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator)

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    Sorry to hear that SML. What dose are you on, and are you taking any other meds at the same time?

    The dose is related to your weight, and you might need to ask your rheumy to modify your Rx.

    I am on 15mg MTX weekly & 400mg HCQ.

    I am also newly (belated) diagnosed, and the dose would have been higher but rheumy felt in covid times a higher HCQ (up from 200) and lower MTX 15, instead of 25 would be safer.

    I have also cut back heavily on sugar, which helps me both with RA & bacterial infection.