Happy New year

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Good afternoon and Happy New year.

My name is Adam and I'm 60. Found this forum and wondered if anyone can assist?

I have OA in my ankles, severe in left, mild to moderate in right and severe in right knee. I had an arthroscopy in right knee 2 months ago which has exacerbated the OA. How do people deal with the constant pain? Currently using otc ibuprofen. Doing leg exercises too.


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    Hello @Trenners

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us. I hope that you will find this a safe place to share your story and please do feel free to join in where and when you want. We are a friendly bunch, always looking to make new friends.

    So you have OA in your ankles which is severe in your left and mild/moderate in your right. You also have OA in your right knee which is severe. You had a arthroscopy in your right knee 2 months and you have found this to have exacerbated your OA. You are looking to chat to people about others cope with their pain has you are finding it a struggle. You are currently taking over the counter ibuprofen and do exercises for your leg.

    Below are a few links to specific areas on the main Versus Arthritis website that I think you may find interesting. The bottom link is specifically to do with ways in which you can manage your pain. I'm sure lots of our other members will also be able to comment on how they deal with their pain as it it is obviously very individual. Hopefully something either in the information below or what another member does, will be of help to you.

    Once again. thank you for joining us. Please do keep us updated on how you are getting on, and do please keep posting.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)