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Hello I haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis but I have a few symptoms. I’ve suffered with uncomfortable back pain in my upper/ middle back for more than a year now, been to different doctors but I was told to take painkillers. But now my back pain is back , with lower back pain/ waist when I sit or lay down, I have very bad neck pain that’s caused headaches almost daily. I have pain in my calf’s and arms , I have dull joint aches on all my joints and I also have sore ribs all over and the middle of my chest. I can’t wear a bra because of how sore my ribs and shoulder are , I can’t wear jeans because of my sore waist. The joint pains are not unbearable but very uncomfortable. Please help


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    Hi @Jessi

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    You’ve had back pain for some time and more recently this has spread to other parts of your body. It sounds like you’re really suffering with symptoms that could well be associated with arthritis.  

    Given the extent of your aches and pains my suggestion would be that you go back to the doctor and insist upon some further investigation/tests. You shouldn’t just be left in your current situation. There may well be medication that you can be prescribed to ease your discomfort. 

    In case you haven’t already visited our website, here are a couple of links that you may find informative/useful:

    I’m sure that other forum members will be able to give you some useful advice based upon their own, similar experiences. 

    I suggest that you participate in as many forum discussions as you feel comfortable with in order to gain maximum feedback.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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