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I have had a painful knee, hip and shoulder for many years ,now becoming quite disabling I feel as if I am losing my independence. I am particularly interested in home exercise, as I no longer go out on a regular basis

Thank you for allowing me to join.I am looking forward to reading other folks experiences with Arthritis


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    Good Morning @Pickford

    Welcome to the Online community. I know you will find reading about other people's experiences and sharing your own with them very useful.

    It's not good that your pains are becoming quite disabling and think exercise is a good way forward for you. Take a look at this category:

    The stretching exercises and the Christmas ones are the most recent, but have a good look through I'm sure you'll find something which suits you.

    I don't know whether this will be of interest to you:

    This is a friendly community plenty of our members don't go out as much as they would like due to their Arthritis and the COVID situation so you are definitely not alone here.

    Best wishes