Flare following vaccination anyone?


Has anyone had their RA get worse after vax? (Any vax).

Professor Stefan Siebert Professor of Inflammation Medicine and Rheumatology at University of Glasgow mentioned this on an NRAS video when asked if autoimmune patients should halt their meds for vaccination, and he said absolutely not, he said he’d had bigger more serious problems with patients flaring when they halted immunosuppressants for vaccination. (I also heard the something similar from a Greek Rheumy saying vaccination should ideally be given during remission, not during active/unstable RA).

This situation is more relevant to newly diagnosed needing to avoid letting it get out of hand.

My own experience has been bad in that its flared with each jab, with a permanent ongoing flare on the third jab (flu).

Anyone had this? Particularly newly diagnosed.


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    People have people with Osteoarthritis too I've read their posts on here @Arthuritis Mostly in the COVID section.

    Most of the OA-ers seem to recover after time.

    Maybe someone needs to find all the posts and combine them to see just how many.....?

    I wonder whether the vaccine is triggering something which was already there waiting to happen, but we can't find that out can we?

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    I think you are right frogmorton, my nhs rheumy also thought the vax triggered a response to the anti citrulinated protein antibodies which were likely present in low titres unnoticed but with the trigger went into orbit as the adjuvant forced an amplified immune response. Also agree all the posts should be in one place so that there is a single place to refer to such events.

    RA as an out of balance immune response unfortunately retains a memory like an infection, and as is often the case, repeated exposure leads to long term immune response, normally a good thing for infection immunity, but a chronic problem for RA.