Still waiting for an appointment to a pain management clinic any advice


Hi I need some advice I was supposed to be referred to a pain management clinic by my GP a year ago but nothing has happened I keep asking but getting no answers is it possible to refer yourself or not or should I just keep asking the doctor I know it's hard to get an appointment with what's going on with covid but I'd like to know what is actually happening thank you


  • Shell_H
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    To my knowledge you can't self-refer to a pain clinic. You can to a physio, who may also be able to help you if you haven't tried that yet. If you have issues with doing things at home, you can also get in touch with your council to get an occupational therapist to do a thorough survey of you home and provide you with suggestions of what changes can be made to help you.

    Might be worth speaking to a different GP - maybe one at the same surgery would work - and they could put in the referral for you. You could also start a formal complaint with your surgery over it, although that does take a lot of mental effort. You could state in the beginning of it that what you need is an update of what is going on - you understand that with the current circumstances of COVID that things may be slower, but you still need to know what stage you are at, whether you have been refferred, whether you are on a waiting list (and where on the waiting list you are), whether the service is running at the moment and if not a guesstimate of when it may open again, something.

    Personally, I'd start with talking to a separate GP - bringing a list of what you'd like to know with you - and if that leads to nothing then think about a complaint.

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    @Shell_H Sound advice, although shame on the GP & NHS mgmt for treating someone in pain in this way.

    @Blueskyday68 Politically we oppose regimes that wilfully torture their citizens, but we are happy to leave those in similar pain 24X7 to continue their suffering while begging & pleading for help. Pain relief is not an elective need, but those who suffer it have no voice in govt and no strength to fight for relief.

    I hope you get some relief soon.

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    Even before covid the service was hard to get a referral to, I had to go for an interview before I got there, so hang in there. There are a lot of doctors waiting to go on the course and be updated on treatments and drugs.

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    Hi blueskyday 68

    Sorry your waiting so long.

    Definitely gp has to refer you. Keep nagging or change drs.

    I ve been to pain management team for steroids n drug s etc now with communal pain management more tens meditate exercises tai chi n course s to go on .

    As got oestoatheritis in multiple of joints

    Just really helps to have alm the tools to help with pain..

    Good luck keep nagging


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    Hi @Blueskyday68

    Since being diagnosed with PsA in October 2020 I've had two video appointments with a pain clinic - the second a one to one with an anaesthetist. This was organised by the senior rheumatology nurse I get seen by at the hospital rheumatology clinic. It might be worth asking there.