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this is my story my name is mary and i am 36 years old i have had arthritis for years i also have ibs twisted pelvis weak ankles i have starting to have problems with my memory but i am not sure if it is linked to my arthritis or not i like harry potter ozzy osbourne kelly osbourne linkin park evanescences eminem rihanna pink scooter will young robbie Williams take that justin Timberlake madonna


  • Arthuritis
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    @MaryH Hi !

    IBS is really tough. I am watching Prof Tim Spector (King’s College London) and Dr William Li’s video on the importance of food and our gut biome and how they impact our health as I write this.

    Talks about the benefits of dark choc, dark berries, pomegranate juice and bowel disease (IBS, Diverticulitis). 😃

    I think you should def speak to your care team about the memory loss, it could be your condition causing it, a new developing condition or changing reaction to your medication. Has anything else changed before the memory loss?

  • MaryH
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    Ok then thank u very much for this