Heberden's nodes

Hello, I'm 62 and in the last two years have developed what I learn are called Heberden's nodes on my finger joints. But now I feel it is accelerating and I am in constant pain, and my finger tip joints are swelling, growing bumps and stiffening. I can't believe how fast it is deteriorating: my fingers are bent and my hands look ancient! I feel I am too young for my hands to be deformed like this! I'm otherwise active, but now I have to limit any hand work at all. Please can anyone share tips to help ease the pain without drugs, and reduce the unsightly lumps? Thank you if you do.


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    I'd also this information, I'm 61 and like you my once pretty hands look deformed and swollen 😞

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    Hello @Harrysmom and welcome to the Community, good to have you here.

    I understand that you are looking for information on Heberden's nodes as is @Labelle. I've put a booklet in below which contains some information.

    Please keep posting now you are here and I hope that you will connect with others looking for the same.

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  • Just read your post, I have heberdens nodes as a result of EA. Due to my intolerances with most pain relief on the market I found myself at an impass. Swollen inflamed joints that are so sore you cannot touch, yet super itchy all at the same time. I discovered, quite by accident that cbd works for me, it has significantly reduced the inflammation, I found a cbd infused coffee which I drink twice daily, although I admit, I drink far more than I need, bit of a coffee head!. I combine this with the use of Flexiseq gel, it's not a painkiller, it allows more movement within the joint so the pain is eased to a degree and upon feeling the pain its significantly less than without the gel. Flexiseq is not available on script, most chemists do not stock it however its readily available on Amazon, its pricey but a little does go a long way, small pea sized amount sorts both my hands. Stay strong, my motto, please don't ask me to point you in the right direction, you'll end up lost. My fingers point every which way but north. This has happened in the space of 5yrs and I now sport 2 dislocated fingers. My consultant wanted to fuse my joints, this was my initial first visit to a rheumatologist, I declined, I requested steroid injections, to a degree, it's helped but being hyper mobile, my fingers lock in some very strange positions/angles. Keep your joints as mobile as possible, use heated gloves as n where possible, it helps ease the pain and also keeps your fingers more mobile. Wishing you best of luck x

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    Thank you all helpful stuff x