Exhaustion n oestoatheritis n fibromyalgia

Hi everyone I haven't been on line for a while not sure why but do read posts which are very helpful. So helps when you know your not on your own .Im finding it tough at the moment emotionally n physically I have regular flare ups and a muscle in my chest goes every other week. I'm on drugs from my dr n have just started pyshio again i wear a tens I have had oestoatheritis in several joints for 12 years I'm 54 .I'm now part time mon to fri office work I'm finding I'm shattered have a routine of relaxing pm after work exercises then when my husband comes home feel bit better. I have had blood tests which are all.good I just feel so exhausted all the time some days I hardly have done anything n have to force myself to exercise it does help but very frustrating when so tired. I'm kinder to myself but still have a way to go n cover a lot up. Has anybody any advice please? Thank you in advance tracie xxx