Hello, New to this Site.

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site. I'm so glad I found a site for arthritis.

I have osteoarthritis in both knees, bone on bone and have for several years. I am overweight and can't hardly walk so losing weight is an uphill battle.

I also have a disk problem in my lower back which give me a lot of pain when i'm on my feet for the least amount of time.

My issues are getting worse and worse. I took care of my partner of 19 years with brain cancer here at home for a year before she passed. I did hospice care here. Besides mentally, it took it's tole physically. I did a lot of heavy lifting, etc. that I should not have.

I knees are not stiff yet...my left one is trying to go down on me. I walk with a walker. Some days are better than others. I had no idea I'd be like this at 65 years of age.

Thank everyone who reads this. I've got to get my knees and back strengthened before they get any worse. I don't want to have to go stay in a home. I have a small family and if I get really bad, there's no one to help. Right now my Mom of 92 years lives next door. She's still going strong. She's a widow and comes over every day. I thank God every day i say her sweet face.