Frustration of being deaf.

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Hello all,

I wonder if I am the only one with this problem? Let me explain. For many years I have been stone deaf in my left ear, a condition called otosclerosis. I wore hearing aids for a long time, but I found it increasingly difficult to actually fit the in my ear. Because I have osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis in most of my body, but in particular my hands. Whilst I can move them enough to do normal household chores, I can no longer do anything that involves close, fiddly work like sewing, painting, putting on my nail varnish! And of course getting my hearing aids in place. I can hardly pick them up, let alone fix them in my ear. So, I simply don’t wear them and just say pardon a lot!

I’ve tried talking to audiologists but no one has an answer, apart from one cheeky chap who suggested I buy an ear trumpet!

Thank you for reading this, if anyone has a magic answer, please let me know.