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Hi, thanks for allowing me to join your community. I'm 60 & have had osteoarthritis (hands & feet) for 12 years. It's now in both shoulders, with my left shoulder crunching away alarmingly. Naproxin is keeping flare- ups at bay, but I'm concerned about how I'll cope as it worsens. Any tips for this?


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    Hi @Marina you are very welcome to be part of this lovely Community. The more the merrier. It looks as though you will have plenty of experience to share with others too.

    You have had Osteoarthritis (OA) for some time, but now I see your shoulder is joining the party.

    This is some information about shoulders:

    I is almost impossible for us to say how quickly your Osteoarthritis might spread unfortunately everyone is very different, but others will share their stories with you I'm sure.

    I will leave you now to meet some of our members.

    Best wishes