It all happened so fast

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How do you all feel. It seems that once my knees were less painful I was attacked from all sides. Apart from ankles and elbows which aren’t too bad, every else is affected, my hands and back especially. Having gone from a stick to rollator to scooter and WAV car. Depression is always knocking, my friends help me lift my thoughts. Moan over as I’m sure plenty of you are in a worse situation.


  • Anna
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    Hello@pollypocket4 and welcome to the online community,

    You are among people who do understand how arthritis can seem to attack from all sides as you say, and how depression can sometimes come knocking. Our members are very friendly , and all have experienced arthritis in their lives, so I’m sure will be pleased to welcome you to the community and support you when you’re feeling low.

    The emotional effects of arthritis can have quite an impact. The Versus Arthritis website has some useful information on looking after your emotional well-being - perhaps you might like to check out the link below:

    Have a look round the different forums and if you’d like to join in any of the conversations, please do so. Distraction can often help to keep our minds off our bodily aches and pains!

    Best wishes, Anna ( Mod)

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    @pollypocket4 We hear you, and you are not alone.

    Sept I was running jumping and quite normal. Mid Oct I was diagnosed despite thinking one swollen finger can’t be serious.

    End Oct diagnosis confirmed by blood test, super aggressive RA.

    Early nov started on HCQ. Mid Nov barely able to hobble.

    Early Dec MTX added, all joints affected, muscle on upper arm rapidly wasted away, more one side than the other.

    Mid Dec to now, Elbows really hot and painful, ankles stiff & sore. Weird RA lump growing on finger.

    So its been 2 months since diagnosis, and feels like years of decline…

    Its a shame there isn’t more frequent monitoring early on, when the condition is best treatable.

    Depression, unfortunately is a constant companion when your RA is actively destroying and it feels like you are a patient number to be reviewed every few months as you get worse.