Methotrexate sickness- is this normal?

Hello everyone,

Our 15 year old son has JIA- he's been on Methotrexate injections since Jan 2020. It's helped a fair bit,but the sickness affects him badly,even with anti- emetics. He has the injection on a Sat eve and doesn't want to go out at all over the weekend and is off school every Monday due to the sickness. The team are aware+ he's now on Humira,with a view to reducing the Methotrexate to a tablet once a week when it's working.

Does anyone else have these issues with their child who is on Methotrexate? It is extremely tough for all the family.




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    Hi Lorraine,

    So sorry to hear about your Son and it is sad when he is so young too.

    I have been taking Methotrexate tablets since 2016 (I am 53) and I can relate to your Son's side effects. I too have the feeling of nausea about an hour after taking my medication on a Friday evening and this lasts until Sunday evening. I find that having a glass of lemonade settles my stomach perhaps this might help settle his tummy.

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