Sciatic nerve pain


I have recently developed really severe sciatic nerve pain running from just under my buttock down through the back of my leg. All physiotherapist exercises that I have seen to help relieve this condition involved me having to lie flat with both knees bent and usually taking the bad leg with the sciatic pain and lifting it over my other leg. As I have stage four arthritis in my knees I am unable to bend my knees or move my leg over to such a degree. Has anybody else on here had sciatic nerve pain and managed to relieve it doing any exercises that won't involve me having to bend my knee to much? Thank you


  • Lilymary
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    I know how you feel, there are so many exercises I can’t do with my new hip, I’ve had to give up my lovely yoga and pilates classes. I’d suggest going to see a qualified physio who can recommend exercises that you can actually do. They’re not as expensive as you might think, and unlike NHS physios, most are doing face to face sessions and you can use them as much as you need, on a timescale that works for you.

  • Cazbaz
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    Hi Lilymary, hope you are keeping well, can’t believe it’s 9 months since we had our new hips, at long last my foot has come back to near normality, lower leg still a bit numb but that’s a small price to pay for being pain free. Like you there are some exercises I can’t do but I’m doing several online exercise classes including the new dance with Anne, I really enjoy prancing around the lounge although I don’t think hubby finds it amusing sometimes. Keep well and keep safe