NHS waiting times are a nightmare, due to Covid of course

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First post,

a bit about my Arthur as I call it and waiting times,

I was diagnosed with stenosis of the lower Lumbar in 2016 and was told that in around 8 to 10 years time I might start to suffer some discomfort in my left leg, by that time I might need an operation, well things took a turn for the ugly in early 2021, another MRI showed that my spinal cord was slowly being crushed by the extra bone growth caused by my Arthur, I had a virtual consultation and was told I needed a Laminectomy, Discectomy and possible scaffolding to support L3 to L5, I was put on a waiting list and as the time progressed so did the pain in my glutes and thighs to the point I was put on the maximum daily dose of Tramadol and Paracetamol to ease the pain, knock me out more like, I was then fast tracked by my GP to get the op done asap, April, May June, July, August all just rolled by without a word, I was going out of my mind with the pain so decided to go private, the consultant suggested the same operation and so my surgery date was set for the 27th November, a week before my due date the NHS contacted me to see if they could have a video conference on the 26th November to discuss a way forward with the possibility of surgery being sometime in late 2022, so in to hospital on the 27th, fortunately I only needed the Laminectomy and was back home on the morning of the 29th, my feet never touched the ground, so just over 6 weeks in, I am now pain free and recovering really well, I still have Arthritis, that will never change, but I know I have to live with it, well that is until a miracle cure is found of course.

Next op will be on my knee, but hopefully not for a long time but it’s my fused big toe that really gives me the reminder I still have it, but a decent Pediatrist fitted my shoes with some special wedges last week and that has helped no end , good old Arthur