Pain and sleep


Hi I am.stuggling to sleep and wondering if anyone has any suggestions to try get comfy, I am currently waiting to go on new meds as the current ones are.nor doing much

I also suffer with twitching a lot on a night while in bed to the point it wakes me up

I have rhymatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis and symptomatic carpel tunnel


  • Hi @Natz

    Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with sleep. Unfortunately this is something that most of us can resonate with. Have you tried using a body pillow at all to help support your body? It may depend on whether there are specific areas which are causing you the most discomfort of course.

    Not getting enough sleep can be a factor in causing more pain so we need to try and help you get this sorted! Have you spoken to your GP to try and shift along your new meds or spoken about your sleep issues? We have some information here that could be of some use to you:

    I really hope that you find a way to improve your sleep quality soon- maybe some of our members have other suggestions?

    Take care and keep chatting to us,


  • Mike1
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    I had not slept more than 2 or 3 hours for years followed by nodding off several times during the day. I went to my GP who diagnosed sleep apnoea and said that it did not matter if I nodded off as I cannot work anyway. I tried a mattress topper, weighted blanket and all sorts of different pillows until a couple of months ago a Locum put me on Amitriptyline which has helped somewhat although I do have a fuzzy head for a couple of hours and I still wake up literally screaming in pain in the middle of the night.

  • Natz
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    Tha k you guys yes I am currently considering a body pillow Sarah and I have to be careful what I am put on as I have a lot of other conditions, just been put in slow release morphine for now till we get new meds and just had it upped slightly today so we shall see thank you