Help with reactive arthritis

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how helpful is alternative therapies such as acupuncture for reactive arthritis? Any fellow sufferers would appreciate your advice.


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    Hi @irene246

    Welcome to the online community! I can see that you're interested in alternative therapies- this is something that I don't have a lot of personal experience in myself, but I do know that there are other members here who may be able to contribute.

    The link below is specifically for reactive arthritis and includes ways of managing and possible treatments (alternative therapies included):

    Here is another link about complementary and alternative therapies which might also be of interest to you:

    I do hope some of these are useful to you! Feel free to look around the community and join in where you feel comfortable!

    Take care,


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    My daughter was diagnosed with reactive arthritis in July/August 2020. She first noticed swelling and severe stiffness in her left ankle in April 2020, which later affected her left knee. It took a couple of months of tests, bloods and mri at a private hospital and then she was transferred to NHS where she was diagnosed. She is a dance teacher and has continued to teach throughout, with the help of an assistant. The pain and swelling has now affected her right knee and her right ankle has now swollen up. She is on sukfasalazine and newly prescribed oral steroids and hydroxychloroquine and has had five steroid injections in total to her ankles/knees. She has never experienced fatigue or tiredness of any form. As a mum I am baffled by it all. She remains very upbeat and the doctors continue to treat for reactive arthritis. I have so many questions but my main one is will this go? It’s. Ahear in April when the first signs appeared.

    Would welcome any help/advice/support.

    thank you for reading.