Weighted blankets

Does anyone use one of these to improve sleeping? Have read they may be beneficial for sufferers of RA amongst other things and wonder if anyone has tried one and what it was like. Just interested.


  • Hi @Fif

    I have heard some great reviews for weighted blankets, although I don't have one myself. I did replace my duvet for a thicker-filled one a while back and feel more settled for the night so there may be some truth in it!

    I'm interest to hear what everyone else has to say too!


  • Arthuritis
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    I use a memory foam mattress topper and its been wonderful so far, noticed diff in comfort on the first night. Not as good as a memory foam mattress but cheap and easy to apply. Had it in a box for years and finally unboxed it and applied it!

  • airwave
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    I can’t stand the weight of the duvet on my feet so any extra weight is a no no. I make a ‘tent’ shape over the top of my feet. During the warmer times I sleep with my feet over the edge of the bed to top the pain, a ‘cage’ over my legs is not really practical. Weight equals pain for me.

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Fif
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    Thanks for your comments. I suppose it's one of those things you won't know works unless you try it.