Arthritis & Lymes disease combined

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I am 56 years of age and have had Osteoarthritis since my early thirties Was diagnosed with this condition in 2012 ,x-rays says in back,knees,and hips although every other joint is affected along with injuries from have done hard physical work. Doctors tended over the years not to take me seriously as I don't look the part. Even one doctor said to me you are too young for this(aged 50). Phisotherapy, loosing weight, and minding what I eat has really helped. However I seemed to have taken 1000 steps backward and my arthritis has suffered, as I believe I have Lyme's disease from an insect bite in May 2020 although it cannot be proven ,yet again disbelief from medical professional ( they believe it's due to sress and my personal health care)and they make me wait and wait for procedures and tests now some of the tests are showing damage has been done ,,a bit on the late side. My poor finances is finding this really hard along with having to deal with stuff of his own