Trigger Finger to Arthritis

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Hi, can anyone advise - I have trigger finger and Psoriatic Arthritis in my hands - does this sound right or familiar ? Can I have both ? Are they connected ? Thanks in advance x


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    Hello @Stillstanding

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you have trigger finger and Psoriatic Arthritis in your your hands and are wondering if they are both connected. Your not sure if you can have both.

    After having a quick search, I did find a link on the NHS website to trigger finger and rheumatoid arthritis, so I would assume that it would be possible to have both trigger finger and Psoriatic arthritis at the same time. I don not personally know of anyone myself, but that's not to say that it wouldn't be possible. If in doubt, I would always suggest discussing this with your consultant on your next appointment.

    We are a large community, so you may find there are people here that also have the same diagnosis has yourself.

    Below is some information on Psoriatic Arthritis which may be worth having a look at. It does say that psoriatic arthritis can be connected to rheumatoid arthritis, so that may be where the link is.

    Hope this has been some use to you. Im hoping that you will get many more answers from the community but if in doubt, always discuss with your GP or consultant.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

  • Thanks Anne, when I can get an appointment to see my GP and arrange a consultant I will do ! Has been 7 years since last saw a consultant but trying. Thanks for the welcome and I will have a look at link you suggest. Looking forward to being member of the Comunity. Take care and have a good day 😁

  • Hi I have trigger finger and psoriatic arthritis in my hands 🙌 my feet hurt before medication and now elbow is hurting x

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    @Hairobsessed123 Similar here. Right trigger finger is agonising each morning, and elbows on fire. Feet hurt before meds, now all the other joints but most painful is elbows. Hands (except for right trig ) & feet not bad. On 17.5mg MTX

  • Same @Authoritis ! 3G sulfasalazine helps with my feet 🦶! But fingers and elbows not touching it and from my blood tests nurse said it’s working to some extent but not quiet enough so 10 days ago I was due to start methotrexate 15 mg a week with the same dose sulfasalazine but covid struck so been off meds for 10 days feet pain back but restarting all medications tomorrow !!! So fingers crossed I’ll get the relief !!

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    Hi @Stillstanding

    I was diagnosed with trigger finger in my left hand middle two fingers in June 2019. Due to a cock up by my GP surgery I didn't get to see an orthopaedics consultant until November 2020. The consultant gave me two steroid injections at the base of my fingers - at the top of my palm - and I've never had it since. The annoying thing was that the first GP who saw me in June 2019 diagnosed it correctly and referred me to the senior GP who was licenced to administer the steroid injections. He called me - without examining me - to say he didn't think I had trigger finger but would refer me to orthopaedics then didn't do the referral.

    Whilst waiting for the orthopaedics appointment I was diagnosed with PsA in October 2020. I have wondered whether there was a connection between the two. At the time I saw the orthopaedics consultant I couldn't close my hands into a fist or hold items. After the steroid injections my left hand became a bit more pliable for a time.