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I havent been on here for a while, hope everone is doing well.

I just want to find out about peoples experience of applying for PIP. I posted thIs question on here about 4 years ago but i cant open the thread again.

I applied for PIP sept last year and had a phone asseasmenton monday just gone. Call lasted 1 hour 50 the lady went right into the thick of things, very embarasing at times.

How long did people wait after the assessment. I have heard people get a text from the DWP to confirm they had my report, i havent heard a thing.

A mistake i may have made was i never sent any medical evidence away with the application and i never told my GP or rheumatology clinic that they may recieve a letter from. I did send a letter that i got from a Dr my employer referred me to and one i got from NASS. I just dont like asking for letter from Drs as when i call some of the reseptionists can be quite rude, so i tend to only call when it is urgent ie meds i need.

I have thought about reducing my work hours for the last 4 years or so but i had this choice was taken away and was forced to.

It came to this after 1 and 1/2 years of what i call intermittant suffering, i never knew what i was wakening up to.

Thanks for reading my whinge


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    Hi @Weepth2k10

    It is difficult to know how well the assessment system is working at the moment because of the pandemic - it wasn't very quick prior to the pandemic. When I applied some years ago the process from application to decision took around 4 months. I did send medical evidence with my application so did not undergo a separate assessment either by phone or face-to-face. 

    There is a good deal of information on the Citizens Advice website and you may be able to contact your Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) either by phone or email - a web search should find their contact details. Some CABs used to offer help with applications, and appeals against decisions, in the past - unfortunately I don't know if this currently the case - the Citizens Advice service has changed a good deal in the last decade when I was last familiar with it.

    I very much hope that your claim is successful. If you are turned down, some local disability/carers organisations (and maybe CABs) can help you appeal against a negative decision. How much help is available depends very much on where you live.

    Very best wishes


  • Terry
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    It is hard to comment as every one has a different experience, I applied many years back went to a face to face meeting, that was a joke IMO, I felt like the person dealing with me did not have a clue.

    She started to ask me if I would do certain exercises, I asked if she was a trained muscular doctor to which she replied NO I am a health care worker, Now no disrespect to health care workers but I did not feel she had the knowledge to ask me to do certain exercises.

    I refused on these grounds which she was not happy about and stated it may harm your claim, I responded if she wanted to be responsible for any injury she may cause then put that in writing.

    Any way my claim took six weeks to come through I was awarded the lowest rate.

    Six months back I contacted them as there has many a big change in my problems, I struggle to do my job and have since been told my condition is now much worse and has spread.

    Telephone meeting this time and even though it was not face to face I felt more intimidated by the Man doing it, 8 weeks later I received my reply: No change to my claim and the reasons but reading through the notes they were not the words I used and not my replies to questions, I tried to call up to contest it but gave up after several weeks of hanging on the phone for hours and no one picking up.

    It is a sham all about how little can they give you.

    Good Luck if you do get it you will get back paid from date claim made.


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    Hi @Terry

    have answered your queries on Hello.

    All the best Christine

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

  • Hi,

    The DWP will not contact your doctors. They go on the evidence you give them. You can submit evidence anytime so I suggest you get reports ASAP and add them to your claim. If you are refused an award then appeal. I took mine to a tribunal where I was awarded highest rates after being refused altogether initially. It’s a hard slog and they don’t make it easy. Good luck.


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    Hi. Just an update and for anyone with doubts, apply. Was awarded standard on daily and enhanced mobility for 2 1/2 years.

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    I was diagnosed in june with osteoarthritis in my hands wrists and feet I wear splints on my hands at night I applied for pip denied in December and today my mandatory decision has been overturned my gp put me on cocodomal. Naproxen I cant take due to my stomach problems I'm on omeprazole and I have psorasis so cant use the gels. Is the next step a tribunal .my doctor is just not helpful oh its mild arthritis like they see my pain and know it's so annoying

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    PIP ASSETNMENT flawed coroupt / joke , AGE 58 had accident & work 25 yrs back . perm back damage degenrative for life . awarded 10% industrial injury for life ./ I n 2019 2nd degenrative changes arthrittis spine area . limited walking range 20 - 50 meteres cant stand around more 1- 2 minuites. pain goes 1/2to 7/8 . I applied PIP young ATOS nurse age 33 lied on assetnment report . refused pip / mr refused , TRIBUNRAL , judge says . because my main orphopedic , sugeon report 20 ys old / also industrial injury award 20 + NOT WITH IN 18 mouths tiime scale apply PIP . SO DWP right refuse me pip mobility bit . JOKE life means for life degenrative means get worse not better . I have to REapply get up to date eveidence . STILL WORK ATM but UC50 is as coroupt as PIP ASsiTNMENT not medical by proper doctor . my work as driver via AGENTCY ZERO HOUR AS WHEN 3 days 30 hours max week all i can cope with . . FEB/ MARCH quite spell so work is quite I droped out SOFT TOUCH (UC) unicredit SO now got strees pain 2 weeks vists to jobcentre untill work picks up . JOKE you can do it interveiw over phone all info on journal .SO why put people with disabilty through cost travel , stress pain walking to calling them in to jobcentre for 10/ 15 min chat . NOTHING to be gained. SEEMS new rules just come in EVEN people with disability have to follow or on PIP . T he work coaches are just there PUSH U in to any suitable work up to 40/ 48 hours week ASAP . EVEN IF this means taking 2 jobs LOL. NEW rules you be pushed in to any job if ur out work/ soft touch for 4 weeks more use to be 12 weeks . PUSH you on waste time traing scheme . work exp course . NO RETIRE early now &62 on health grounds . ie 62 if less £10 k claim penstion eletnment tax credits retire then& 66 claim oap/ tax credits . THAT stoped april 2016 cant claim tax credits now to 66 only UC unicredit . SO thancks to flawed coroupt selfserving out touch arongent party CONSERVATIVIES BORIS & CO . ..ITS work to you drop now / 66 . UNICREDIT evil takes freedom choice away not in control off your life if on it . FACT & 58 good work record payed 38 yrs CLASS1 STAMP / NI / TAX PAYE. Legal limmit to get full oap 35 yrs so thats payed for . ITS our money we payed in over life time work we payed for our benefits but CONservativies / DWP dont look & it like that .

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    It really doesn’t matter what government is in charge there really is no difference they all show  coldness, indifference and mental torture by bureaucracy.250 million for a royal yacht but if you need a wheelchair buy your own hmmm

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    It is vitally important to have up to date supporting paperwork from Drs, Specialists, OTs etc when applying for PIP; it is also vitally important to take a witness with you to the assessment to take notes or record the interview as ATOS are renowned for twisting the facts, bearing in mind they get a bonus for the number of claims disallowed apparently. However, PIP is designed to cover the additional costs of being disabled, you do not get it just because you have a disability. It covers stuff like kitchen aids, mobility aids, non-medical treatments, and so forth. The system is useless and, to some extent, corrupt but it is the only one we have so one needs to know how to work with it. The system was changed to PIP from DLA as there were far too many people claiming DLA who were not entitled to it and blagged their way to receiving money fraudulently. Even those with missing limbs get re-assessed even though there is absolutely no chance of those limbs regrowing.