New member. Diagnosed at 19, 22 now with pain starting in knees

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed at 19 with psoriatic arthritis after I started to experience pain in my feet and swollen toes. Since then I've tried a number of medications and now regularly take biological injections which help massively. Unfortunately in the past couple of weeks, I am getting radiating pain in the back of my knees when I try to lie down which is affecting my sleep greatly, I only feel relief when I start walking around and moving again. I'm trying to complete my uni dissertation so am required to stay at a desk for many hours throughout the day which isn't great but the lying down issue is by far the worst. I am taking mild co-codamol and Celebrex twice daily alongside my biological injections monthly but was wondering if anyone had any ideas for mild remedies such as maybe certain heat pads etc, anything that might be a quick temporary fix.

Many thanks, Molly


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    Hi @mollymcaleenan

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us. I hope you find this a safe and secure place for you to continue to share your story.

    So you were diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at 19 after you started to experience pain in your feet and swollen toes. You are now taking biological injections which you have found help massively. Unfortunately you are now experiencing radiating pain in the back of your knees which has been going on for a couple of weeks and due to this you are having difficulty with sleeping. You are finding that the only relief you get is when you start moving and walking round although this isn't always able to happen due to being in the middle of writing your dissertation. You are wondering if anyone has any tips that you could use and if anyone has experience with heat pads etc. You currently take mild co-codamol and Celebrex along with your biologics.

    Firstly, good luck with your dissertation. I can remember being in the middle of mine and struggling with pain in may hands so I can sympathise with your current situation. Its not nice and does not help with the stress that are currently feeling.

    Above I have included a couple of links to information found on our main Versus Arthritis website that I think could be of help to you. With regards to heat pads, I personally don't find that they help me. However, I do know plenty of others that find them very helpful so I think its very much personal preference. I think if you want to give them a try then you should go for it and let us know how you get on.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    @mollymcaleenan Hi there, so sorry about the new knee issues. I have found if the pain is associated inflammation (ie joint feels hot) then wrapping a freezing gel pack in its cotton bandage wrapper round my knee helps. It looks like a weightlifter’s knee support and gives a few hours relief.

    Hope you feel better soon