Is it possible to have OA in the knees and only feel minimum pain

I I've had OA my kneelust overyear but the pain is minim byal is this possible or not and can it change I take ginger root tablets and turmeric and I think this is helping I also take glucosamine sulphate and so far so good I exercise daily strengthening exercises and stretching exercises and I also ride a stationary bike and walk hope I'm doing the right thing


  • sunnyside2
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    yes perfectly possible for pain to be manageable and not too severe and for many people it stays that way particually if they do exercise and keep an eye on their weight

  • Lilymary
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    It was like that in my hip. I didn’t even realise I had arthritis, although I’d noticed reduced mobility over a year or so. The awful pain came on suddenly, by which time the damage was so bad I was put straight on the list for hip replacement. Looking back on it, it had been building up slowly for at least 15 years. Someone in the next bed to me when I went in for surgery told a similar story, and two surgeons confirmed this can happen. Not sure if the same applies for knees though.

  • Fif
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    I've had OA in my knees for years and pain comes and goes. Sometimes I am virtually pain free for long periods. At other times it's difficult to get up from a chair or walk downstairs without having to grit my teeth. The more you do to help yourself the better it can be. Even if you're going through a painful patch, keep up with the exercise and try to keep your muscles as strong as possible

  • Thank you all for your advice it's helped me a lot hope you have an amazing 2022 my best wishes to all of you