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Been on waiting list for 8 months and the pain in my shoulders just gets more and more, am finding it hard to cope but no choice but to wait stay safe



  • Ellen
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    Good Morning @Albie Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see from your post you are on the waiting list to be seen about pain in your shoulders. 8 Months can seem like a lifetime when you are in severe pain.

    You don't say which type of Arthritis you have and I wonder whether you are on the list for surgery or for an initial appointment with a consultant.

    The subject of waiting list does however come up a lot on here with many of our members resorting to private treatment. I am sure some of our members will be along soon to chat to you but in the meantime I am going to attach a couple of links which might be of interest to you:

    The second being me specific to shoulders.

    Best wishes


  • pmas
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    Hi @Albie, yes waiting times are getting longer and longer. If your pain has got worse you could ask your GP to write to the consultant to ask for a review - might help.